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What is a hypnotic gastric band ??

With healthy eating regimes failing drastically people are thinking about a hypnotic gastric band. The question is what is a hypnotic gastric band and how does it work? More than that does a hypnotic gastric band work? I'll try to answer those questions as best as possible. The mind can be so incredibly powerful to the extent that it causes physical changes. To...Continued

Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss ?

Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss really work? It’s a common question, Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss ? I mean really work?  I had a client come in for his 3rd session yesterday, to preserve his anonymity let’s call him Big Al. Big Al joked that he was on a seafood diet – he would see food and eat it....Continued


What does hypnosis feel like?

A potential client came into the office yesterday asking what does hypnosis feel like? Now this gent was cynical to say the least but had ‘tried everything’ to lose weight to no avail and was asking about different procedures such as our laser lipo and allergy testing and above all - what does hypnosis feel like?  So I explained about the conscious...Continued

New Year resolutions can last less than two weeks. We can help!

New Year resolutions ? Here's to a new you! [caption id="attachment_469" align="alignright" width="199"] New Year New You[/caption] Research shows that the whole New year resolution stuff lasts less than two weeks before will-power begins to drop away. How many times do we announce either out loud or to ourselves that we are going to make positive changes once the festivities are...Continued