New Year’s Resolutions Fizzled out?

We haven’t reached the end of January yet, but how are your new year’s resolutions?

YouGov has released their poll of the top new year’s resolution’s us Brits have set our sights on.

Top 5

1. Eat Better | 2. Exercise More | 3 Spend Less Money | 4. Self Care | 5. Read More Books

Almost half of the resolutions we make in the new year never make it past January. For those that have achieved this, a staggering 80% will have thrown the towel in by March.

Where are we going wrong?

We’ve made the conscious decision to change. We own the latest gadgets, gizmos, memberships and have downloaded all the apps. Why can’t we stick to our goals?

Abigail Wilson, Dietician and Chief executive of ISOS health, says that on average people commit too much too quickly. She blames the word ‘diet’, stating that it is just that, a diet, and not sustainable.

“To change our diet and fitness, we need to change our behaviour.”

Gym memberships rocket too, seeing dramatic increases in sign-ups from us well-meaning and determined new year resoluteness.

A report by Sports England has found that only one in 10 actively attend the gym at least once a month.

So it’s no real surprise that by Easter that gym hasn’t seen high nor hair of you for months!

What is the missing piece of the jigsaw?


The key to keeping on track is being proactive. Resolutions do not need to be daunting; they need to be practical and realistic.

Have you been watching the current series of How to lose weight well (channel 4)? The programme takes you through various ways in which you can manage your weight, including fad, short and long-term diets. The add some rather dramatic medical alternatives thrown in for good measure! It shows that yes, you can control your weight through diet and exercise in the short term. But to make a life-lasting impact, you need to change your behaviour. -This is why “diets” don’t work and why so many of us fall off the wagon.

In episode 2 (season 4) we saw Dr Xen undergoing hypnotherapy to change his thinking patterns towards eating insects. After completing the session no longer thought the bowl of grasshoppers as “crunchy, slightly greasy, with little faces and legs.” He ate them without thought, even commenting on what sauce would go best-chilli and lime in case you were wondering!

We are not suggesting that you take up eating insects (though they are fast becoming a popular snack). Merely, that instead of forcing yourself to stick to restrictive regimes that rapidly turn into punishment rather than satisfaction, that you look inwards, towards your subconscious for resolutions.

Hypnotherapy has a long-standing proven history of aiding individuals where conventional methods have failed. This is because hypnotherapy does not rely on plans, restrictions or abstention. Its success relies upon your subconscious.

Of course, as the programme suggests, and we agree, you have to have the want and desire to make positive changes.

This can be said about anything; you cannot be a success unless you decide to take decisive action to begin that journey.

Do you want to try something that only requires the desire to change?

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