These are all genuine unsolicited testimonials and references provided by clients regarding their experiences with Chris Fleet

hypnotherapy paignton

“I was first recommended to Fleet Hypnosis by a friend who couldn’t praise you enough. I was very comforted by the fact that you didn’t have a wishy-washy “healer” approach and explained Hypnosis from a scientific angle. I always feel that I could be completely myself and can discuss anything, things that my friends and family do not know and I myself have difficulty in accepting. In a few sessions, I realised that years of “programming” (negative self-beliefs) had lead me to think in a certain way and was making me miserable and more and more reserved. Through your skill, you have unravelled years of oppressed thinking and have made me asses allot from my past and the way in which I deal with things now. You have been a great catalyst for change and my mindset has been radically changed as if washing the slate clean. As a result, I am gaining confidence, self-belief and am looking forward to my future. Thank you, Chris, for saving me from myself. ” – M.W. Torquay

“Dear Chris My dad came round last night and his friends say ‘thank you’ as you have made an enormous difference to their Dad’s life. They can’t believe the transformation and thank you so much for giving him back his life ………. thought I would pass it on 🙂 ” – Elaine – Totnes

“I highly recommend Chris, I went to see him to help me lose weight and I have lost 2 stone (this has now gone to 3 stone since this testimonial was received) without going to the gym because Chris retrained my way of thinking about food. I felt comfortable with him and can’t wait to see him again for help with other things.” – Satisfied Client

“I don’t know how that hypno stuff works but I feel fantastic!! I have so much more enthusiasm for life in general… all a bit weird, haven’t felt this motivated for a very very long time! ” – O.E. – Exminster

“I have undergone hypnotherapy treatment for phobias and weight loss through Fleet Hypnosis. I chose fleet hypnosis because I felt relaxed and comfortable and everything was explained to me very clearly. I first tried treatment for my agoraphobia, which I have had for over five years I had three sessions in total and two months later I booked and went on a four day break with my friend to Amsterdam, and enjoyed a great holiday, something I hadn’t been able to do for the past five years. As this treatment was so successful in transforming my outlook, I followed it up with hypnotherapy for weight loss, for the weight which I had put on through taking medicines. I have successfully lost over three stone now and am able to continue to maintain weight loss. The hypnotherapy I had, reprogrammed my thinking so that now I have changed my attitude to food in such a way that I no longer comfort eat, and can’t see myself going back to the way I used to be. I am very happy to recommend Chris Fleet of Fleet Hypnosis, as he has helped me to regain back my life. ” – D.F.- Plymouth

“Hi Chris, Many thanks for my appointment last week. I have to say the hypnotic experience was amazing! When I left you I felt so energised so after having tea my partner & I went for a long walk along the coastline at Brixham. On Friday afternoon I decided to go to Gala bingo to test myself with regard to playing machines & to my surprise I wasn’t remotely tempted to play. I also went on both Saturday & Sunday evening and again I was not at all tempted. I just want to say a massive thank you to you and I can’t tell you how liberated I feel. I am so looking forward to the future & having money to do the things I’ve always wanted to but been trapped my desire to gamble my money on machines. W of Paignton” –

“After just 2 sessions (keeping the 3rd one back just in case I need it sometime in the future) I feel much better in myself. I listened to the CD before bedtime each night and that seems to have worked a treat. I do get my moments but I am not so stressed these days.” – S.T. Brixham

“I went to see Chris Fleet desperate to give up smoking last October. I stopped after the first consultation and I have never looked back. Hypnotherapy is a strange sobering emotional experience but immensely fulfilling and it works” – Dave Torquay