New Summer Diet?

So, you’ve started your new diet, and with summer just around the corner why not?

A recent report 1 shows that there may be more to healthy eating than just eating healthy foods though.  For example I always thought that adding fruit to my porridge in the morning was a healthy option. Personally I love to mash up a banana and add it to porridge for that creamy sweet flavour it produces.

But no – apparently that’s all wrong! By all accounts because fruit digests more quickly than other foods it can cause indigestion.  That’s OK then, I’ll have a fruit smoothy with yoghurt instead!  NO that’s wrong too because (according to the report) “yogurt is an animal protein and when mixed with fruit, it can cause inadequate digestion which leads to acidity, and fermentation in the GI tract.”

So what shall I do? – I know I’ll drink some water, that can’t harm can it? But wait… this report says that it’s best to stop drinking half an hour before eating and then wait for another two hours after my meal before drinking water, just to make sure…..

Blow it, I’ll have some melon for pudding then – that’s got water in it to quench my thirst. Guess what – WRONG! According to the report “Melon is the one fruit that must be eaten alone, or left alone, as it takes slightly longer than other fruits to digest.” But I thought that fruit digested more quickly according to this report…….

Confused? I am!

So I decided to eat healthily and yet another report tells me it’s all wrong – I’ve decided just  what to do with these reports – and no I don’t mean eat them!

So if you want to lose weight what can you do?

Well it’s always good to ask yourself if you’re hungry when you go to the cupboards, there’s three main reasons why we eat

  • Because we are hungry
  • We have a craving for food
  • We have a desire for food

With the help of weight loss hypnotherapy Devon folk have the opportunity to see whether they think that this way of dieting is for them or not.  Hypnotherapy works by talking to your subconscious, or unconscious mind. Whilst you may know full well that you’re not hungry there’s a part of your mind that may well be craving for food because it’s missing something else.

Hypnotherapy can find just what the satisfaction link is that you want and find something safer and more fulfilling than crisps, bread, chocolate etc.

Using weight loss hypnotherapy Devon based people can come to Paignton, enjoy a day out and not be worried about whether they eat Melon or protein X mixed with vitamin Y and nutrient Z just by training their minds to eat when their hungry and stop eating when they’re almost full.


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