How does hypnosis work?

 Hypnosis – how does it work?        

When you are put into a hypnotic trance, you are not simply being knocked out unconscious. In fact, quite the opposite occurs. When you are placed in hypnotic trance, the hypnotist is able to directly communicate with your unconscious mind. The hypnotist can then programme your mind to avoid any patterns of behaviour that do not serve your best interests.

Power of the subconscious

It is difficult to grasp just how much more powerful your sub-conscious mind is when compared with you conscious. It is often said by hypnotists that the conscious mind can only process 7 pieces of information every second, the sub-conscious mind, however, can process over 2 million pieces of information every second. Instead of making small changes on the surface and hoping that those effects trickle down to sub-conscious, hypnosis targets the very structure of your mind and removes any programmes that are not in your best interest.

A person may be afraid of flying but they are desperate to travel to their friend’s wedding in Australia. Hypnosis can train your mind to imagine the flight, the take off and landing, and associate the whole process with relaxation. When the client boards their plane they will not panic because their mind associates flying with safety and relaxation. Now, I could talk to a person’s conscious mind all day and give them all the facts about air safety, including the classic statistic that you’re more likely to die on the car drive to the airport rather than in a plane crash, but if they have a phobia of flying, then as soon as they see that giant plane on the runway, they will start to panic.

If consciously exploring your phobias is the equivalent of rearranging the branches of a tree, then hypnosis is picking the tree up by its roots and placing it wherever benefits you the most. Hypnosis is by far the most effective technique we have for creating lasting change in a person’e life in the shortest time possible. So if you are looking for a hypnotist in Devon, then Chris Fleet will be able to hand you the keys to your mind, and together you will be able to create the life you have always dreamed of, by evaporating your doubts and fears and giving you the confidence to go after anything that you desire.

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