Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss ?

Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss really work?

It’s a common question, Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss ? I mean really work? Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

I had a client come in for his 3rd session yesterday, to preserve his anonymity let’s call him Big Al. Big Al joked that he was on a seafood diet – he would see food and eat it. Session 1 had gone well, we had discussed things from a cognitive approach and we had done a bit of weight loss hypnotherapy. Session 2 Big Al was very chipper, he had definitely eaten less and exercised more, unfortunately the scales said otherwise – he had gained a whole two ounces! TWO OUNCES I TELL YOU – TWO OUNCES

Had he been cheating? I doubt it. Were the scales wrong? I doubt that either, we check them against other scales every week. Big Al was not a happy bunny …………..

Yesterday Big Al came in a bit dejected, “Well I don’t know,” he said “Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss really work?”

So we went to the office and I asked him how his week had been. The conversation went a bit like this.

healthy eatingMe:        How’s it been going Al? Have you noticed any difference?
Big Al:    Nope! Nothing…..

Me:        OK, well that’s unusual, how about crisps? How many bags have you had this week?
Big Al:    Well I haven’t actually had any now you come to mention it.

Me:        Okay, well what about chocolate? How many bars of chocolate have you had?
Big Al:    Errrrr…. None actually

Me:        OK, well what about take away’s? How many of those have you had?
Big Al:    Well, like you said, they’re just so expensive and full of fat & grease that the wife and I decided to cook our own meals.

Me:        So there HAVE been changes then?
Big Al:    Well not really…..

Me:        (Not for public viewing)

At this point I asked Al to step on the scales, he had lost 5lbs since his 1st visit.
Big Al then pointed out that of course he had. He’d cut out the rubbish and ate healthily over the last couple of weeks. Big Al still didn’t think that hypnotherapy works for weight loss though.

You see some (most) people come to a hypnotherapy session with a preconceived idea at some level, often gleaned through stuff they have seen on TV or stage. They expect crash, bang, wallop and a parting of the seas, when you explain that things just happen slowly and naturally they don’t quite get it. It’s a bit like watching your children grow up, it happens so slowly that you don’t notice it until all of a sudden the Barbie posters come down and the boy band posters go up, then next thing you know it’s GCSE’s and nightclubs (not always in that order) .

With hypnotherapy for weight loss, the hypnotherapy is the catalyst for change, it’s a life style change bought about from within and very difficult to define.

By the way – Big Al phoned up this morning and booked a top up session – I think he thought about some of the things I said to him after his ‘not really’ statement.


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