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This category describes different aspects of insomnia and how hypnosis can help

Christmas and Hypnotherapy

  Hypnotherapy can support low mood and anxiety over the festive period   As the days draw shorter and the Christmas season is upon us, it is comforting to know that hypnotherapy is here to support you. It is especially valuable for those highly stressed and anticipating a less than merry Christmas. More than 12 million in the UK seek...Continued

Does mindfulness help insomnia?

Someone once asked me, does mindfulness help insomnia? Well, yes it does ..... With the long days and warm evening sleeping can prove to be a difficult task for some. Added to that could be extra ingredients such as anxiety, stress or worry. Sometimes our thoughts just keep churning over and over in our head. So how do we stop...Continued

Hypnotherapy For Insomnia

Ever Thought of Hypnotherapy for insomnia? What is Insomnia  Insomnia is something that can affect us at any age, whether it's struggling to get to sleep at night, waking in the middle of the night, having broken, restless sleep or waking ridiculously early in the morning. It's something most people can relate to at some point in their life. For...Continued

Sleep? If Only I Could

And So To Sleep, Perchance To Dream...... Peace…perfect peace…all night please. Is this a wish you need to achieve?  To sleep through the night?  The problem with interrupted sleep is that it reduces the refreshment for the next day.  It could be insomnia. Most people experience sleeping problems at some time in their life.  In fact the NHS estimates that...Continued