Sleep? If Only I Could

And So To Sleep, Perchance To Dream……

Peace…perfect peace…all night please.

Is this a wish you need to achieve?  To sleep through the night?  The problem with interrupted sleep is that it reduces

the refreshment for the next day.  It could be insomnia.

Most people experience sleeping problems at some time in their life.  In fact the NHS estimates that about one-third of the population suffers from episodes of insomnia.  Mind you, it’s difficult to define what normal sleep is.  A person’s lifestyle, diet, stress, anxiety even their environment all play a part.

This is where a quiet chat with Chris Fleet may help.  He is a member of the NHSTA, as well as an ISMA registered hypnotherapist.  What he can discover is why you can’t sleep.  Having found the reason then he can undertake treatment.  Interestingly sleep patterns change with life and age.  A baby will sleep for roughly 16 hours a day.  But when they go to school they only need about 10 hours.  Adults normally need 7-9 hours.  Most people over 70 need less than 6 hours.

So where do you fit in to all this?

Lack of sleep can bring on other health problems.  OK you wake up feeling grumpy, work is tedious and so it goes on.  The cost of these sleepless nights is more than just bad moods.  It can lead to obesity, heart disease or diabetes.  So recognise insomnia and talk to Chris about it.  Sleep boosts immunity ; so if you get every cold and flu going, it could be because insomnia has lessened you immune system.

Now it might be you are a TATT… Tired All The Time.  Psychological tiredness is a far more common cause than a physical problem.  Again talking to Chris can identify the potential reason for your feeling tired. Moody and grumpy.  Surely you can spare an hour to see if you can define a reason for sleeplessness.  After all, it can bring you huge relief and pleasure for years to come.

Call Chris for a friendly chat on 01803- 500300.

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