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Is your other half suffering from Depression?

Does your partner suffer from Depression?   Mental Health issues will strike approximately 1 in 4 people in Britain every year according to the mental health foundation. Depression and anxiety being the most common ailments. There is plenty of help available for those suffering with depression or anxiety ranging from medication through to talking therapies such as hypnotherapy or psychology....Continued

Self Awareness Days

What is a self awareness day? Are you wondering what self awareness days are all about? Okay, let's have a look.... First of all it's an extremely interesting day and we try to make it as much fun as possible too. That's the main thing. It is fun... and it is informative. By the mid morning break you will already...Continued

GP’s advised that depression over diagnosed in UK

Depression over diagnosed? Did you see the piece in the news recently that claims that depression is over-diagnosed and that drug companies should be stopped from marketing antidepressant medication to physicians? It’s something that talking therapists have been suspicious of for a long time. The article claims that anti-depressants are being recommended to people with low sex drive, with poor...Continued