GP’s advised that depression over diagnosed in UK

Depression over diagnosed?

Did you see the piece in the news recently that claims that depression is over-diagnosed and that drug companies should be stopped from marketing antidepressant medication to physicians?

It’s something that talking therapists have been suspicious of for a long time. The article claims that anti-depressants are being recommended to people with low sex drive, with poor sleep or who are just feeling a bit sad or grieving.
The problem is that we only know what we’re told and we tend to believe those who shout the loudest. As a hypnotherapist I have had years of jokes about look into the eyes not around the eyes, are you going to make me bark like a dog, 3-2-1 you’re back in the room. The truth of the matter is that some stage hypnotists have done the therapeutic side of hypnosis a massive disservice, but because it makes good television people buy into it.
As a result when people talk about hypnotherapy and hypnosis a lot of people are scared and most are skeptical at least. The truth of the matter is that hypnotherapy when combined with CBT really does help you see life in a more positive light. For some people this ‘fresh outlook’ is all they need for others a few reminders may be required but thinking about the way you think really does help – as GP’s are now being reminded quite often more so than medication!
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