Self Awareness Days

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What is a self awareness day?

Are you wondering what self awareness days are all about? Okay, let’s have a look….

First of all it’s an extremely interesting day and we try to make it as much fun as possible too. That’s the main thing. It is fun… and it is informative. By the mid morning break you will already have your own mind opened to how your own mind works. It’s pretty amazing really. Just like your mind is!

Following on from there, you will start to explore some of the most common thinking errors which we all make. And yes, we all make them so there is no need to be hard on yourself. How many times have you spent hours thinking ‘wouldn’t it be awful if……’ Through this course you will learn how to rationalize negative thoughts and ‘all or nothing’ thinking.

And can you imagine having someone on your shoulder nagging you or giving you a hard time, all of the time? Yes, you would son get fed up with it wouldn’t you? Yet when we do it for ourselves (and we all do!) we just accept it. This inner dialogue is then reflected in our behaviour, but through the course you will learn how to recognise your own nagging voices and how to change how you react to them.

So what sort of people come along for the day?

Well people probably just like you! People from all backgrounds and all walks of life who want to improve the way they look at their life.

It is such an excellent, value-for-money day. You will have fun, meet new people, and go away feeling enlightened and empowered.  And what’s more, if you are interested in becoming a full time hypnotherapist, this is the perfect starting place to discover this fascinating discipline.

Want to find out more…. look at our next course coming up here 


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