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Self-hypnosis could help you to overcome difficult issues and situations in areas of your daily life.


For some, the idea of hypnosis conjures images of magicians telling us to “sleep” before “clucking” across a stage like some performing puppet. In stark contrast, hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis are quite the opposite.

Hypnotherapy has been recognised as a talking therapy by the British Psychological Society and considered a useful treatment for anxiety, addiction, IBS, fears and phobias.

Celebrities Lilly Allen and Geri Horner have used hypnotherapy to lose weight. It was reported that Kate Middleton hypnobirthing to aid labour pain.

We can all use self-hypnosis to get ahead-be it to ace a presentation, stick to those gym goals or feel less stressed.

The unconscious mind is incredibly powerful, and by using it, you can use it to your advantage.

The idea of hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis is to induce a mild trance-meaning a relaxed state. This state is similar to when our minds wander off or when we switch to autopilot. An example of this is the morning commute. Whether you dive or take public transport you are aware of how you got to your destination but you don’t quite recall the journey. It is during this period that suggestions are introduced. These suggestions are of things that we would like to change, such as feeling more positive, less afraid of something, and more confident in our ability.

It’s estimated that the unconscious mind governs up to 90% of behaviour. It is during this relaxed hypnotic state we are more open to accepting these suggestions.



Think of the brain as a computer. It is not the computer itself that is the problem; it is the software programme that has the bug. Hypnotherapy aims to fix the bug allowing the application to run efficiently once again.



Work Smarter

Should you have a presentation or a speech coming up, it is only natural that you worry. Your thoughts may race with ideas that something may go wrong or you might merely push it to the back of your mind.

Instead, try self-hypnosis to focus on it going well. Self-hypnosis works like a powerful short cut to upbuild skills and bring about confidence.


Super-charge your health

Hypnotherapy can help an array of conditions from aches and pains to insomnia.

A recent study in the Netherlands found that six sessions of hypnotherapy were more effective for IBS than standard supportive care. 40% of hypnotherapy patients reporting relief from symptoms.

When aiming to lose weight or lead a healthy lifestyle, the use of hypnosis can improve results through changing a persons’ mindset.

Research has shown that those who regularly use self-hypnosis techniques before eating felt fuller than those who hadn’t.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for health and fitness are about making clear aims that are achievable and sustainable.


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