Questions to Ask Your Therapist Before Treatment

Although Hypnotherapy is a trusted therapeutic process which accesses the subconscious. There are a few questions to ask your therapist before enlisting their services.

Hypnotherapy is used to treat several well-known issues such as agoraphobia and fear of flying. But did you know it can also be used for helping with problems such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, sports motivation, and pain relief?

questions to ask your therapistHypnosis is safe, pleasant and gets results.


It is important that you trust your hypnotherapist before commencing treatment.
A good way of discovering whether they are right for you is finding the right questions to ask your therapist before booking.
Any hypnotherapist of a reputable nature will encourage and answer. Below is a list of possible questions to ask your therapist before deciding if this treatment is right for you.

Questions to Ask Your Therapist

  • Do you offer a free consultation?
  • What type, if any, support do you offer between sessions?
  • Do you have relevant qualifications, professional body membership, insurance and a DBS check?
  • I would like ‘X’ sessions, can you fix my problem within this time constraint?
  • Do you have any useful tools such as MP3 tracks so that I can work on my problem(s)?
  • Do you offer a follow-up service?
  • How can you reassure me that I will always be in control during hypnosis?
  • Do you have any feedback from previous clients?
  • Is your consulting room suitable for me?
  • What happens if it doesn’t work?
  • From what I have discussed in this consultation, do you think hypnotherapy is suitable for me?

Once you have found the ideal Hypnotherapist, you can contact me here and begin to enjoy the numerous and wonderful benefits of hypnotherapy that I can offer.

In answer to the 1st question, yes some consultations are free – so apart from an hour of your time and maybe a small donation to cover costs – what is there to lose?

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