5 Hypnosis Facts


Hypnosis comes with a lot of baggage. A lot of this comes from stage shows, movies, and books which are often miss-informative or just plain scary.

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What is the difference between hypnotherapy and hypnosis?

  • Hypnosis is the process of putting a person in a state of deep relaxation opening up their subconscious.
  • Hypnotherapy is the process of offering therapy whilst a person is in a state of relaxed hypnosis.


The guy on stage who makes you cluck like a chicken is a hypnotist but not a hypnotherapist. I am a hypnotherapist because I can make you relax and feel better about yourself.


Here are 5 fun facts about hypnosis;


  1. The word hypnosis isn’t the best word for the therapy

The term hypnosis was coined by James Braid, 1841. James tried to separate his therapeutic procedures from those who performed mesmerism. The word comes from the Greek for sleep-hypnos. James realised that being under hypnosis was nothing like sleep and changed it to monoideism-focus on the idea but it never caught on.


  1. Stage hypnosis is completely different

Developing on the point above, hypnosis is NOT the same as sleep. Performance hypnotists use the word ‘sleep’ because they use fast inductions and therefore need a single-syllable word that is quick and emphatic.


  1. Hypnotherapy relies upon acceptance of suggestion

We are all susceptible to suggestion-the entire advertising industry is based on this fact. But we can always reject what we don’t like or see as inappropriate. Hypnosis puts a person in a calm and focused state where we are more likely to be susceptible to suggestion; when a therapist suggests ways in which we can deal with our problems, we comply, but we always retain the ability to say no.


  1. Operations can be carried out using hypnosis

James Esdaile worked in India back in the 1840’s and used hypnosis as anesthesia for operations to remove tumors. Prior to using hypnosis, no anesthesia has been used and many patients died from shock and/or blood loss. He claimed that hypnosis could cut the death rate of operations from half to a mere 5{bb486053ce69e1d037420e07fda4dd20291ab681957aa23bed5f90f1c19ae80b}.


  1. Hypnosis is not a lie detector

In the past, I have had people ask me to ask their partner whilst under hypnosis if they have cheated. Unfortunately, people in hypnosis can invent or imagine information/events, make mistakes and even tell lies, This is the main reason why when seeking out a hypnotherapist you must ensure they are both well trained and qualified, and will not ask such inappropriate/leading questions.




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