Why You Should Consider Hypnosis

All to often when you hear the word hypnosis you conjure up the stereotypical images you’ve seen in the media of the swinging pocket watch and the words “you are getting sleepy”. In reality, and away from the media, hypnotherapy is a safe way to access the part of the mind responsible for habits and behaviors. With the help of a trained and certified practitioner, people can replace ingrained negative habits with positive ones, making hypnosis especially useful for weight loss, smoking cessation and stress management.

Amongst the biggest misconception and fear is that people will tell us all their secrets, but that simply isn’t possible.

Here are four reasons to consider hypnotherapy to make sustainable positive changes to your life;

hypnosis1. It is nothing like what you see in the movies

Let’s set something straight; the swinging pocket watch? It is not a thing. Hypnotherapists do not use pocket watches to hypnotise. This is myth created by popular culture much like the idea that you will suddenly spill all your deepest and darkest secrets, do something you wouldn’t normally do (typically cluck like a chicken), or have no memory of what happened. This simply doesn’t happen and there is no “show” for audiences.


nail biting2. It is a safe and non-invasive way to correct negative habits

The reason hypnotherapy is so effective for things like weight loss is down to being able to correct negative habits and completely change how they see, think and feel about food. That means no drugs, no meal plans, and no enforced exercise. Instead, it is about retraining your mind and feeding it healthy ideas to ensure your success.

“As you change your thoughts and reroute neuro pathways in the brain, the results are easy to see. It takes on average 30 days to create new habits.”



3. Hypnosis has been around for Centuries

Hypnosis has long been used as a tool or pain control. It became well known during the Civil war era for helping the fallen during treatment-long before anesthesia. It has also been used to aid dental treatment and childbirth.



hypnosis4. It is relaxing and personalised.

Most hypnotherapists have soothing, relaxing voices that guide you to cam and a deep state of relaxation. During hypnosis, your therapist will used melodic tones and a gentle pace of speech. In addition, they use inductions-this is where the relaxation comes in. Once a client is relaxed they hypnotherapist will make suggestions to the part of the brain responsible for habits and patterns; the subconscious mind.

Of course, the suggestions being made have all been discussed at length. Hypnotherapists work closely with each client to personalise every session, optimising the result.


Fleet Hypnosis has helped many to break away from negative habits including but not limited to those mentioned in this article. For more information please contact us on 01803 500300 or via the contact us tab in the menu.

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