Therapeutic Powers of Hypnosis: Part 1 Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety

Hypnosis is far more than a party trick, it is a therapeutic state of being that alleviates an array of issues from stress and anxiety to PTSD and performance nerves.

People come to hypnotherapists for a variety of reasons; smoking cessation, fear of flying, eating issues, performance anxiety, stress, worry, past events and pain management to name just a few.

Ann came in because she had to present a presentation to her work colleagues and she was worried about making a fool of herself. This was the first major event in a job she had worked hard to get. Ann noted that she wasn’t sleeping well, her eating habits had gone awry, time management had gone out the window, and anxiety took place of preparation.

After talking to a friend about her feelings the subject of hypnosis came up; “I would never have thought of that myself” Ann said to her friend as they went about seeking out a hypnotherapist. “I was equally curious and running out of time” Ann continues.

During her initial consultation with the hypnotherapist, Ann was very direct; “I don’t want to be told to find a calm exotic beach or some peace garden because that isn’t going to work”. Instead, the therapist asked her questions and got to know her.

“I don’t know how, but in the process of answering his questions, I started to relax. I am not sure I would call it a trance, but I was deeply relaxed.”

The hypnotherapist talked through the process and they reached common ground with regards to the outcome.

“At the end of the session the hypnotherapist counted to 10 and I felt light as if I could just float on air. I was given self-hypnosis techniques and a CD to listen to.”

Ann had two more sessions as she prepared for her presentation. She reported that she felt more in control of things and that the presentation would be an opportunity to enhance her skills instead of a disaster waiting to happen.

“The night before, having completed all my preparations, I listened to the CD once more. I must say I slept like a baby the entire night and was awake when my alarm went off. I was ready. The presentation went well-it wasn’t perfect but that wasn’t my aim.”


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