Hypnotherapy for stress

Chris Fleet discusses hypnotherapy for stress

Stress is an experience every individual can recognise as a part of their day to day living. Where stress is prolonged or reoccurs, there is a very real risk of serious health problems developing. Can hypnotherapy for stress help?

stressThe body’s way of revealing that there is an element of discord is often through the stress we experience. Put another way, it is the body’s way of alerting us that something in our environment is provoking an imbalance to our mental or physical wellbeing.


There are many ways in which stress can affect your health – here are just three:

Sleep disorder:   Restlessness at night often results from stress. Stresses and worrying thoughts often present themselves whilst when an individual is trying to relax because during the busyness of the day those thoughts are pushed back into the subconscious until such times as they can surface. This creates anxiety as the individual starts to suffer sleep deprivation. Anxiety is a key element in the cause of Insomnia and sleep problems.

Weakens Immune System: The effects of stress on the immune system is to weaken the body’s natural defences. The immune system protects the body against infections and disease however when disorder occurs to the immune system it can lead to more serious and longer term ailments such as autoimmune diseases, Inflammatory diseases and cancer. Evident also is that the healing process takes longer to return to total wellbeing.

Infertility: Research undertaken in 2010 established that stress hormones played a major part in Infertility. Women experiencing high levels of stress, it was found, could double the risk of infertility. Chronic Stress, it has been found causes a rise in the cortisol or epinephrine hormones

There are several ways to combat stress and hypnotherapy is just one. It is very effective in helping people to explore thoughts feelings and memories that can be hidden in our unconscious memories. It allows our sub-conscious minds to accept suggestions which therefore help us to change our emotional reactions to concerns, such as sleep disorders, Infertility etc. Hypnotherapy can help with emotional healing so there are significant changes with present emotional responses and actions.

Chris Fleet has been a hypnotherapist since 2002 and is based in Torbay Hypnotherapy can aid a person to make permanent change in their lives. He works effectively with clients with a range of conditions, including hypnotherapy for stress.

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