The Devon Clinic aids local charity with £3.00 taster sessions

As we are painfully aware we have been through one of the worst recessions in history and in the South West we may still be suffering it’s effects.


One thing that has resulted from this is local government cutbacks. A local community centre has been battling to keep it’s head above water financially for a long time and has recently been refused funding by the local council.

The Acorn Centre in Barton was first built almost 50 years ago and was a traditional youth club, then a sports hall was built in 1979 and more recently a computer suite has been added.

The Acorn Centre was hoping to grow and expand but due to government cutbacks proposed funding was cut, the Centre is in need of funds to keep running and although the sports hall has been very useful in raising much needed cash but budgets are always tight and the Acorn has been looking at new ways to create extra revenue.

One way they will be looking at raising income will be to host a ‘pamper day’ which will be run by practitioners from the New Devon Clinic in Paignton.

On Thursday the 29th May members of the public will be invited to be pampered by some of the Devon Clinic’s practitioners.

Some of the therapies available include, massage, reflexology, acupuncture, Bowen Technique, hypnotherapy, reiki and even teeth whitening!

The evening starts at 6.00pm and runs through to 9.30pm. The cost is just £6.00 for two half hour treatments and then a further £4.00 per treatment thereafter.

Marilyn Martin the centre manager said, “We are delighted to be able to offer something back to the public whilst raising money for essential maintenance within the centre, and we’re looking forward to the evening very much.”

For more details please ring the Acorn Centre on 01803 328819

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