Headache? Try Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Treating and preventing headaches with hypnosis is a cost-effective alternative to medication.

In a recent study, researchers compared costings across several types of behavioural treatments with traditional drug treatments. The results gathered showed that behavioural treatment, over a three-month period, cost a third less than traditional drug treatment.



HeadacheHypnotherapy to Treat Underlying Stress

Pain is the bodies wake-up call delivered in a language that the body can interpret: sensation.

During hypnotherapy, because we have direct access to the subconscious, we can ask the body to deliver the message in a way that it understands.

A client might be asked to bring their attention to the sensations that in the foreground right now. Where is that? Typically, it is the temple areas of the head. We ask them to give those feelings in that area a voice. Let it speak. This therapy technique is called Gestalt and it very effective. During the trance logic of the hypnotic state, the client will almost always experience words coming out of their mouth expressed by the pain/discomfort. “I am tired of working hard and getting nowhere” or “I need a break, and this is the only way I can get you to stop.”

Next, we use emotional exploration to shed light on the underlying dynamics that go back to the source of this behaviour pattern (age regression). Perhaps the client trails back to a moment in their childhood where they were unable to fathom a task such as telling the time and their head began to throb. Their mother may have told them to lie down or take medication. That tension headache has now become a ticket to get out of difficult situations and how they subconsciously use it to escape situations. Working with age-regression we can go back in time and find an alternative way of coping with situations. And with the help of the adult brain, that child will come up with alternative creative ways to deal with the situation. “Perhaps I’ll just say I need more time, that I don’t understand or ask for help.” The client experiences a healthy cognitive moment making them feel empowered. It also allows them to realise that a headache has been only one of many options they can take during stressful situations. Perhaps as an adult, this option is no longer that.


headacheAlternative Modes of Relief

The freedom experienced retroactively brings the client relief from the dreaded familiarity of pain. Reaching such a realisation on the visceral level is possible only through accessing the creativity of the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is gentle yet powerful means of accessing the deep subconscious.

It is very common for clients to have exhausted other more traditional methods before seeking a hypnotherapist for a physical condition.

Hypnotherapy client knows well that every physical symptom has the potential to be healed with hypnosis. This is a way that many certified hypnotherapists serve their clients effectively.
The subconscious has an amazing ability to speak through the human body. When taught the skills that enable direct communication with the body they are empowered in ways they never thought possible. Modern medicine has trained us to reach for doctors, specialists and medication so solve physical ailments compared to ancient times where we were far more connected to our mind, body, and spirits.


Modern medicine specializes in separating different parts of the body which is counterproductive to the healing process.


The Devon Clinic brings together therapies and tools that allow the healing journey together without the need for chemicals (tablets).

When a client realises that their pain, illness or ailment may have originated from something in their past they are often surprised to hear that they can change their mind’s way of thinking to eliminate the pain.

When you learn hypnotherapy, you will have a whole new bucket of resources that allow you to manage situations yourself.

The Devon School of Hypnotherapy, based in Paignton teaches how to self-hypnotise in just one day-a useful tool to have in your kit after completing a course with a therapist.


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