Gambling? How to Become a Real Winner

Gambling is becoming rife in our society.

It might be anticipating winning.  It certainly creates a natural high.  The opportunities are greater today than at any previous time to take a gamble.  No longer is the domain of betting shops or racecourses.  Now, gambling occurs from the comfort of home, on the street using your telephone, even just sitting enjoying a drink in the pub.  Unfortunately, all this access means that it can become addictive.  Therefore the rise in the number of cases.  In fact it’s estimated there are over 450,000 problem gamblers in the UK.  Research shows a 600% increase in the addiction.

So why become a habitual loser? 

With gambling, a win causes a high and a need to do it again.  It’s the repeating that leads a person into the addiction.  There is no single reason why it happens.  However, alcohol may be a cause.  Research shows there is often a link between gambling and alcohol abuse.

How to become a gambling winner.

There are two ways to become a winner in the gambling world.

Recognise that your regular gambling may be a problem.  It’s difficult to do but an essential point to start with.  After all, your losses have probably made you depressed.  You suddenly realise gambling has become a part of your normal life.  Every body has habits, but this one takes money and  time, possibly causing depression even family break-ups.

Having accepted the first point, now it’s time to get help.  It’s always non-judgmental.  Treatment and support is different for each person.  But a quiet chat with Chris Fleet, an NHSTA registered hypnotherapist, can start the recovery route.  It’s surprising what can be done in a first session of just 1-hour.  One thing for sure, you will come out feeling refreshed and thinking there is a future.

If you suspect a loved one in your family seems to be a gambler with a problem, then call him.  You will help not just your family but your loved one as well to get back to the real person, you love.

Call Chris for a friendly chat on 01803- 500300.

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