Anonymous Customer Feedback From Our Latest Course

Our latest course ran last Sunday.

Often people will hand out satisfaction surveys on the day, the danger with this is that you run the risk of getting scores that aren’t quite accurate as the attendee is probably still on a high after the course or may feel under pressure to write something overtly positive.

With this in mind we tend to wait 48 hours and then send out a survey via email which can be answered anonymously.

Here are the results of our latest survey Positive Mental Attitude Course of Hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotist Christ Fleet has years of experience of helping people in Paignton, South Devon

Very satisfied with course  5/5
Informative   5/5
Course met my expectations   4.8 / 5
Rating of Instructor   4.8 / 5
Good Value for Money  4.6 / 5
Location and Materials   4.2 / 5
80{bb486053ce69e1d037420e07fda4dd20291ab681957aa23bed5f90f1c19ae80b} of attendees said they were likely to recommend a friend.

Some of the comments left from last weekend.
Excellent day.
Loved it, informative and fun.

I think it will really help me going forward.
Can’t wait for the next one
Thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable.
Time flew.
Really enjoyed the course and know it will be very helpful.
Presented well
Informative and enjoyable day.

What’s next?

Our next course is a weekend course and runs over the weekend of the 19th and 20th November. Attendees will gain a certificate in hypnosis as well as learning how to hypnotise others using a variety of techniques such as progressive inductions, rapid inductions and instant (stage style) inductions.

Click here to learn more about the Certification weekend.

If you’re interested in learning a new skill and gaining a certificate in hypnosis please fill our the form below and we will get back to you.

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