Therapeutic Powers of Hypnosis: Part 3: Awakening From Trauma

 Awakening From Trauma

Awakening From Trauma


It is not uncommon for mental health practitioners to use hypnosis and hypnotherapy as it can help access the source of the core issue more quickly.

Many therapists use combinations of hypnotherapy, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy as a way if instigating change from the roots up.

“Hypnosis is a deep state, but it isn’t scary. Think of it as spacing out whilst you watch television in the evening-your conscious state drops below the level of constant thoughts and interruptions to a place that is more open to suggestion”, says Chris.

People come to see Chris for a variety of reasons including addictions, phobias, and trauma.

When we have suffered a trauma, we take onboard specific beliefs about ourselves and associate them with feelings/emotions. This results in a loop forming, stuck on repeat, keeping us locked up in a circle of unhappiness. Hypnotherapy is a process that dissolves negative loops and replaces them with healthier and freer ways of thinking, behaving, and carrying out our lives.

“I like how hypnotherapy bypasses the top layers of the brain to reach the core and sets in place positive actions and outcomes”, cited a client.

“All clients have a free initial consultation before embarking on treatment. I do this to get to know and understand their issue(s). Many of those who come to me for trauma fear that bringing up the past will enhance their triggers/behaviours but in fact, quite the opposite happens. People have commented that they are aware they are in the trauma zone but feel safe and secure because they feel in control”, Chris.


Do you feel that you would benefit from Chris’ approach?

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