Anxiety dreams: Why and how to stop them

Dreams are accepted to be a natural part of an expression, of our imagination whilst we sleep and have fascinated mankind since the dawn of civilisation. Why do we dream and what do they mean?

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, two of the most famous therapists, were influential in the field of dreams and interpretation. Freud’s approach was retrospective, in that they were formed of past events usually relating back to childhood. Jung further developed Freud’s ideas by focusing on interpretation and symbolism as influenced by daily living from which we can achieve a balance between our conscious and non-conscious mind.

Whichever school of thought you subscribe to, most agree that it is feelings of anxiety when our worries and fears cannot be resolved that they can fall into dreams thus turn into nightmares.

Planes falling from the sky, being chased, teeth falling out, falling, being late, being unprepared, etc., are all common anxiety dreams.

Occasionally we may be troubled by difficult dreams that disturb our sleep causing us to feel tired the next day. Generally, this isn’t anything to be worried about but ongoing sleep problems can lead to serious consequences if this is happening do speak to your doctor.

Some signs that you may be sleep deprived include; Feeling tired, longing to nap, finding it difficult to concentrate, irritable, weight gain and stressed.

Layne Dalfen, founder of The Dream Interpretation centre, Montreal; recurring dreams and nightmares happen because you non-conscious is trying to gain your attention. If you are troubled by these dreams and they are effacing your daily living a good hypnotherapist can help you to uncover these and realise the cause of anxiety in your non-conscious mind.


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