Hypengyophobia: The Fear of Responsibility

Hypengyophobia is an overwhelming and irrational fear of responsibility. A person with this phobia could be neglecting all responsibilities including at the expense of others. Typically, they are self-indulgent and will actively blame others for their failures.

The word Hypengyophobia, sometimes referred to as Hypegiaphobia, derives from the Greek Hypengyos which means responsible and Phobos meaning fear.
As with all phobias the sufferer will have experienced a traumatic event that has lead them to associate that experience with responsibility. Many who develop Hypengyophobia have previously taken on responsibility and have failed causing unfavorable consequences. Other areas of trigger can include a history of strict upbringing and youth rebellion. Regardless of the cause, the individual may experience emotional turmoil and anxiety that’s destructive to their ability to function as a responsible person.

The signs and symptoms of Hypengyophobia are individual and vary from person to person. Some, when confronted with responsibility may sweat, feel uncomfortable, nauseated and overwhelmed. Those who are severely compromised by the condition may experience panic attacks.

Most cases of Hypengyophobia are self-diagnosed. Many seek talking therapies to help them discover not only the cause but to develop coping mechanisms to help them in daily life.

If you feel this describes you, contact us to discus ways in which we can help you develop proactive coping mechanisms.

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