Weight Loss


Weight Loss is something that hypnotherapy has a fantastic and well documented record of helping with. 

Weight Loss Hypnosis can help by encouraging people to start listening to their body more. Imagine only eating when hungry and simply not fancying that bit of cake or chocolate.

So many people go on diets but fail because a part of them demands food when they’re feeling low, bored, stressed or upset.

Somebody may know that they really shouldn’t eat that cream cake but their emotions tell them otherwise.

Imagine how good it would be to be able to say to yourself that you could have some cake or chocolate if you wanted but you just didn’t fancy it!

Why do we eat when we do?

Sometimes it may be worth asking you to explore certain facets of your personality and examine the links between how you once behaved and how you behave now, this can be quite enlightening for many people. It can be helpful to use a Food and mood diary, or use the food wheel of life

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Binge Eating

Many people suffer from compulsive over-eating – this can affect people of any age size or weight and can be quite debilitating, for more information please click here.

In hypnosis I help you find the part of your personality that gets satisfaction from doing the things that you may enjoy but eventually causes you harm and re-direct that satisfaction link to a more appropriate behaviour.

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