Exam Nerves


Many of us will get to experience exams in our lifetime and with that come exam nerves.  The sensation of butterflies in our stomachs, sweaty palms, racing hearts and the fear of our memories failing us. For many, these sensations pass without too much worry but for some, the feelings are so overwhelming it can cause them to achieve well below their skill level or even fail.

I treated a lady who kept failing her driving test despite being a competent driver. It was the exam itself that kept holding her back from gaining her licence. We used visualisation techniques during the sessions to enable her to see forward instead of repeatedly looking back at her failed attempts. You can read about in this blog: Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis To Pass Your Driving Test.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help Exam Nerves?

Hypnotherapy is a very commonly used method as it helps boost confidence and reduces feelings of panic and anxiety.

Through the power of suggestion and visualisation, individuals can calm racing minds and clear them of negative thinking. This allows for a calm state of mind which is ideal when preparing and entering an exam.



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