Hypnotherapy for Stress Relief

Hypnotherapy for stress is probably one of the most common things people come to me for.

Stress can be defined as:

The emotional, physiological and psychological effects caused by a build up of either internally or externally generated mental pressure.

Do you show any of the following symptoms? If you do then you may be stressed

– Sudden feelings of fear or panic – Feeling tense or wound up
– Waking up early in the morning – Difficulty sleeping
– Feeling edgy or bad tempered – Irregular eating patterns
– Upset stomach, diarrhoea or constipation – Smoke or drink to excess
– Poor concentration – Poor memory
– Constantly feeling exhausted – Feel apathetic
– Fear you will loose control – Feel short of breath
– Tightness in your neck, shoulders or back – Avoid worrisome situations
– Palpitations or butterflies in your stomach – Lack of confidence
– Headaches or migraines – Pessimistic about the future
– Feel under pressure – Aches and pains
– Emotional – Feel physically run down
– Feel distant, dizzy, unreal or remote – Worry about the future
– Lack of interest  

stress relief

If you would like to know more and come along for an initial free consultation please call me on 01803 557681It’s not the situation of an event that makes us stressed, its how we react to that event.

Whilst in hypnosis you are in a very relaxed state which allows you to experience the stressful situations while remaining calm. This has the effect of altering the associations between the stressful event and your reactions to it. When you re-experience the stressful event in real life, your reaction to it will be different.  One of the guiding principles of hypnosis and NLP is that the subconscious doesn’t differentiate between reality and strong imagination – take for example a nightmare.  You wake up with the sweats feeling edgy and nervous because you think the nightmare has just happened for real.  In hypnosis we use that effect to our benefit by putting you into that stressful situation whilst experiencing calm thus re-framing the experience.

Top Stress Busting Tips

Take regular breaks – it may sound obvious but all too often we focus on what we have to do and try to get it all done in one go, this can cause stress and mistakes.

Learn what you can and can’t control – If something is out of your control why worry about it? Concentrate on things that are in your control.

Eat properly – A poor diet can contribute greatly to stress levels

Drink plenty of water – If the body is dehydrated then so is the brain thus causing a lack of cohesion at times

Relax – It’s OK to take a break

Be grateful – All too often we concentrate on bad things and forget about the good, taking time out to be grateful for what you have is wonderful for soothing the soul

Exercise – Stress comes from the flight or fight syndrome so get those stressed out muscles working.

Do something for yourself – If you have a family or business you may not have time for yourself, make time even if its at the end of the day after everyone has gone to bed.

Laugh – You know it makes sense

Remember your successes and learn from your failures – If you intend to do something and complete that thing it’s a success even if it’s putting your knickers on the right way round.

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