Insomnia, it’s horrible, isn’t it?

Insomnia – Have you ever been lying awake at night with your mind just racing? Perhaps you were thinking about things you had done during the day or things that may or may not happen in the future.

Keep reading because I offer simple, practical, coping strategies to help in the short term whilst getting to the root of insomnia during hypnotherapy sessions.

If we hurt our knee the damaged area sends a signal to the brain letting us know something is wrong.
If our mind is racing away it’s our subconscious doing precisely the same thing. In hypnosis, I can work to relieve any anxieties, fears or worries thus relieving the subconscious of the need to let you know something is wrong.insomnia

Here are a few simple remedies to try at home to help you to overcome insomnia and drop off to sleep. Some are obvious and some not so obvious.

  • Avoid caffeine or any other stimulants.
  • One of the less immediately obvious solutions is to take your TV (if you have one there) out of the bedroom. The mind likes to associate places with situations, if you watch TV in bed your mind is not sure whether you’re meant to be going asleep or staying awake.
  • Practice mindfulness – mindfulness can help to soothe and relax an active mind by staying in the here and now. With every out-breath begin to notice all the sensations in your body, notice how your chest rises and falls, how your stomach rises and falls with every breath. The real essence of mindfulness is noticing the cycle when your mind begins to wander – then bring it back to the here and now by mentally saying to yourself – ‘right now I’m aware of’…………. And then completing the sentence to yourself. This is one of the simplest things to practice as well as one of the hardest!
  • Practice self-hypnosis – self-hypnosis is great for relaxing right down, putting yourself in a positive frame of mind and telling yourself that sleep really is easy to come by.
  • Relax – sounds daft but how often do you lie in bed at night stressing about not sleeping? The more you worry about not getting to sleep the less likely it is you will sleep. Then when its time to get up and you stop worrying about not sleeping what happens? You fall asleep! Why? Because you’ve stopped worrying about not being able to sleep as it’s no longer an issue due to the fact it’s time to get up soon.
  • If you’re struggling to get to sleep get up! Do something different than when you feel tired again go back to bed.
  • Phone me on 01803 500300 and ask for a consultation to help with insomnia

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