Fear of Flying

FlyingFear of flying is a complex psychological issue, one that has been made more complex by the security concerns of the last few years.

There are many books, videos, and other resources that deal with the fear of flying, so deciding what may work for you may be a difficult process. Many people develop fears as they mature and life itself seems more precious, while some have lived with fear their entire lives. Others may have experienced a bad flight. Regardless of when fears develop, those who suffer can experience sleepless nights, elevated anxiety, and fear of panic attacks. Often friends and family can’t understand the problems caused by a fear of flying.

Fearful fliers react to feeling out of control, as well as weather, turbulence, flying over water, claustrophobia, crowds, losing control (panic attacks), terrorists, hijackings, fear of falling, and fear of heights. Many times these fears are caused by a lack of understanding about what to expect during a flight.

However hypnosis is a wonderful cure for your fear, I as your therapist will determine why your fear is so predominant and whilst accessing your subconscious remove that fear.