Hypnotherapy for Addiction


“the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity:”

People don’t go out to deliberately become addicted to things but nonethless it happens.

  • Physical addictions such as nicotine or other drugs occur when the body gets used to a substance and when that substance is not available the body craves it. Many people are still to this day addicted to prescription drugs.
  • Psychological addiction occurs when we feel that we need to do something, this could be collecting things, playing on the phone or computer, even shopping.

It is estimated that 2 Million people in the UK alone have some form of addiction.

So how do we help?

With hypnotherapy we seek to ascertain the underlying causes of any such behaviours and resolve them whilst at the same time work with the client to find suitable alternatives using a process called parts therapy.

How many times have you heard somebody say that they know they shouldn’t do something but a part of them is telling them to go ahead and do it anyway?

For most addictions I recommend a structured programme of 5 sessions initially, this is so that the cure will be long lasting and not just superficial, for us at Fleet hypnosis it’s the way we work, we’d rather do the job well so that you tell your friends than it is to keep you coming back week after week.