Hypnotherapy: Compulsive Shopping Addiction

Do you go shopping to make yourself better?

Do you buy things that you do not need?

Would you like to know how to overcome your addiction?

A recent report found that one in four women are addicted to shopping. In America, 18 million suffer a from compulsive shopping addiction showing the seriousness of the problem is worldwide.



What is a shopping addiction?

A shopping addiction is when a person shops compulsively and has no control of their behavior. Typically, they buy items that do not fit their needs to fuel the addiction. Many people joke about being a shopaholic but what happens when that turns into a reality? Most of us like to go on a shopping trip, but when that enjoyment goes beyond recreational, that is when lives start to be affected.


Hypnotherapy is a positive way to overcome an addiction and lead you back to a normal life.


Shopping Addiction is on the Increase


Compulsive shopping addiction is on the increase worldwide. The more prominent reasons people shop more are down to the vast increase of advertisements and the ease of which people can shop. Stress in modern life has left people needing to escape and shopping fits this need very well. Shopping comforts surrounds and indulges our whims. It enables us to leave the real world for a few hours in the pursuit of gaining something physical, that, for a short term, removes all our stressors and worries.  Sadly, the high doesn’t last very long. Shopping is not fixing the problem(s), in fact, it increases them by straining finances, relationships, friendships and work.

Shopping to overcome a problem is never the answer


Those who have this addiction will turn to it when they feel low. This could be in receipt of bad news, a negative work day or an argument with a loved one. They will use their disorder to overcome negative feelings. Shopping will, in the short term, make them feel better and forget their problems.



Those with a shopping addiction will hide their actions


Regardless of the type of addiction, the sufferer will hide it from those closest to them.

A person who is addicted to shopping will act differently.  They will start to lie, they may give excuses as to why they cannot go out for a meal or why a bill hasn’t been paid.



Compulsive shopping addiction is as serious as any addiction


All addictions are serious, and all can ruin lives. When a person is addicted to shopping, it doesn’t just affect their lives but those around them. Relationships break down and debt can even lead to a criminal record (stealing and not being able to pay debts).


What is the Cause?

Many people cannot understand how a person has become addicted to shopping. The answer is that there are many reasons why. Some shop to escape a pressured work or home environment, to avoid negative feelings, to cover a past trauma, to escape a relationship problem, to not feel alone, to feel in control, the list is endless. Addiction does not prejudice gender, wealth, religion, sexuality, status or background. Anyone at any time can develop an addiction.


Can Hypnotherapy Help to Overcome an Addiction?


Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool when it comes to addiction. It allows a person to receive the help needed and removes negative feelings that fuel the addiction. By using compulsive shopping hypnotherapy, you will gain a positive and powerful effect in your life which will aid you to remove the destructive addiction. Hypnotherapy isn’t merely about removing the addiction, it looks deep into why it started and the need for it to continue. Hypnotherapy can change all those negative thoughts and actions into positive and non-damaging steps towards regaining life control.


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