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Addiction and the Brain

  Addiction comes from the Latin term ‘addicere’ meaning ‘to deliver’ or ‘to award’ or ‘to give oneself to.’ Addiction has a powerful effect on the brain that manifests in several ways: craving loss of control continuing use despite known harmful consequences. Overcoming addiction is often long, slow, and complicated. In the 1930s, the belief was that people who developed...Continued

Therapeutic Powers of Hypnosis: Part 3: Awakening From Trauma

 Awakening From Trauma   It is not uncommon for mental health practitioners to use hypnosis and hypnotherapy as it can help access the source of the core issue more quickly. Many therapists use combinations of hypnotherapy, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy as a way if instigating change from the roots up. “Hypnosis is a deep state, but it isn’t scary....Continued

Therapeutic Powers of Hypnosis: Part 1 Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety Hypnosis is far more than a party trick, it is a therapeutic state of being that alleviates an array of issues from stress and anxiety to PTSD and performance nerves. People come to hypnotherapists for a variety of reasons; smoking cessation, fear of flying, eating issues, performance anxiety, stress, worry, past events and pain management to name just...Continued

How Bad Habits Can Start | Nail Biting

Hypnotherapy to stop nail biting and other bad habits   As with most things, bad habits such as nail biting, come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of severity and hypnosis offer a powerful and effective solution. Nail biting, hair pulling, teeth grinding, skin picking, being eating/drinking, smoking, gambling, gaming and constantly checking social media are all common habits that...Continued

The Fear of Growing Up

Being an adult comes with many responsibilities that our modern generations are not always equipped to deal with, hence we have a fear of growing up.  As a nation, many of us are still living at home well into our thirties. Compare that to the 50’s, where the average age was 20, we can see that independence is not always...Continued

Hypengyophobia: The Fear of Responsibility

Hypengyophobia is an overwhelming and irrational fear of responsibility. A person with this phobia could be neglecting all responsibilities including at the expense of others. Typically, they are self-indulgent and will actively blame others for their failures. The word Hypengyophobia, sometimes referred to as Hypegiaphobia, derives from the Greek Hypengyos which means responsible and Phobos meaning fear. As with all...Continued